cpvc pipe and fitting

CPVC Pipe & Fittings

CPVC SCH80 Pipe & Fitting's main difference between his cousin, PVC SCH80 is the Superior Fire Resistance. When thermoplastic piping materials are selected, consideration is often given to the fire performance characteristics of the material. Evaluating fire performance involves consideration of many factors, such as resistance to ignition, heat of combustion, limiting oxygen index, flame spread and smoke generation characteristics.
Without the benefit of flame retardants and smoke inhibitors, CPVC inherently exhibits outstanding fire performance characteristics in terms of limited flame propagation and low smoke generation. When coupled with its excellent balance of mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity, improved hydraulics and outstanding corrosion resistance, CPVC provides excellent value in terms of safety and performance in wide range of industrial process and ducting application.

  • CPVC SCH80 Ignition Resistance is 482°C, While PVC SCH80 is 399°C, for comparison, paper burn at 232°C.
  • CPVC SCH80 Burning Resistance is 60 LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index), PVC SCH80 is 45.
  • CPVC contains NO ADDITIVES which would provide Nutrient source for Fungi to grow.

Some of the CPVC Pipe & Fittings supplied by Heap Wah Enterprise in Malaysia includes :-

Hershey CPVC industrial pipe and fittings are extruded/molded from CPVC compounds. The compounds shall meet cell class 23447 as defined by ASTM D1784 and have a design stress of 2000psi @73℉ and a maximum service temperature 0f 200℉.
Pipe : CPVC Pipe meets the requirements of ASTM F441 in Schedule 40 and 80 dimensions. Available in size range 1/2” – 24”.
Fittings : Smaller diameter fittings from 1/2” – 14” are injection molded which meet the requirements of ASTM F437 (Schedule 80 threaded) , ASTM F439 (Schedule 80 socket) or ASTM F438 (Schedule 40 socket). Lager diameter fittings from 14” to 24” are fabricated which shall meet Hershey’s standard or customer’s requirements. Please refer to product dimension and drawing in this catalog for further details.

Hershey's Sch80 CPVC Pipe and Fittings :-