hdpe pipe and fittings

HDPE Pipe & Fittings

High density polyethylene (often called alkathene or polythene) has been used since the early 1960s. It is suitable for both potable water and wastewater services but it can only be used for cold water supply.
It is the most commonly used plastic pipe for supplying the mains water to a dwelling.

Some of the advantages of using Polyethylene are :-

  • is durable
  • is corrosion resistant
  • has good flow characteristics
  • is lightweight and flexible
  • is easy to install
  • has a good bending radius
  • is inexpensive
  • requires few fittings.

Some of the HDPE Pipe & Fittings supplied by Heap Wah Enterprise in Malaysia includes :-


AWT Fusion HDPE Pipe & Fitting

AWT Fusion Electrofusion HDPE Fittings are products by Fusion Group that acredited quality systems against ISO 9001:2008 which ensure high quality products as well as being regularly audited by various institutions such as IIP, KIWA, BSI, DVGW, SAI GLOBAL and others. AWT Fusion Fusamatic Fittings are tested, accredited and approved against many international performance standards including :

  • GIS/PL 2-4
  • WIS 4-32-08
  • BS EN 1555-3
  • BS EN 12201-3
  • BS ISO 8085
  • BS ISO 4427


Dura HDPE Pipe & Fitting

DURA HDPE Pipe & Fittings are the green products by PTS TECHS Solutions. The productions and ideas for the Pipe and fittings produced is to promote a greener technology and solution in plumbing industries. Using a innovative high technologies, creative think tanks, optimizing the usage of renewable resources and maintaining the enviromental friendly preservation.


Sansico Hansen HDPE Nylon 6 HDPE Pipe & Fitting

Hansen HDPE Pipe & Fittings are the HDPE Solution produces by Sansico Industries Sdn Bhd. The Hansen HDPE fittings system is specifically designed for reliable, high performance jointing and long service life for polyethylene piping systems. The automated jointing system have been proven to be the most cost efficient and economical as it eleminates potential human-error during installation. The HDPE Fittings comply to BS EN 12201-3 & PN16 rated. The Fittings are manufactured using PE100 Materials and comes in sizes ranging from 20mm to 315mm and boast the minimum life span of 50 Years.


Sansico Electrofusion HDPE Joints Fitting

Sansico HDPE Electrofusion Fittings are the Electrofusion fittings Solution produces by Sansico Industries Sdn Bhd. The Sansico Electrofusion fittings system is specifically designed for reliable, high performance jointing and long service life for polyethylene piping systems.

  • Non-Toxic : No heavy metal additives, would not to be covered with dirt or contaminated by bacterium.
  • Corrosion Resistance : Resist chemical matters and electron chemical corrosion.
  • Low Installation Cost : Light weight and ease of installation can reduce installation cost.
  • High Flow Capacity : Smooth interior walls result in low pressure loss and high volume.
  • Longevity : More than 50 years under proper use.


Buteline PE Cold Water Pipe & Fitting

Polyethylene is widely accepted as a cost-effective plumbing material for cold water applications and has been n service for over 50 years. It is tough with excellent chemical resistance and near-zero moisture absorption. Buteline Polyethylene pipe is manufactured to meet the exacting Malaysian Standards, as well as to meet SIRIM and SPAN certification requirements.

  • More flexible compared to metal, PVC or ABS pipe Does not corrode, and no scale build-up
  • High tensile strength when used to convey cold water
  • Good chemical resistance against most household chemicals
  • High impact strength (when used for conveying cold water)


Spirolite HDPE Pipe Solid Wall

Spirolite is one of the leading High Density Polyethylene HDPE pipe and tank manufacturers in Malaysia. The HDPE Pipe are used for water pipeline, irrigation, flood and river management, storm water management and cable pipeline solution.

  • CORROSION RESISTANCE - HDPE pipes are corrosion free
  • FLEXIBILITY - Allows good conformity to most terrain contacts
  • LONG LENGTH AND AVAILABILITY IN COILS - Enable jointless laying of longer pipe
  • RESISTANCE FLOW - Ability to handle many types of slurries and other abresive elements
  • SUPERIOR FLOW - Smooth interior surface ensures good flow of water and prevent crust formation on the pipe
  • DAMPEN / ELIMINATE WATER HAMMER - Can withstand higher transient pressure than conventional pipes because of greater elasticity
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE - Has higher impact strength
  • LOWER OVERALL COST - Significant cost savings in terms of transportation, cheaper installation and maintenance
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - 6 to 8 times lighter than conventional pipes
  • FULLY WELDED - Leak free