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Low Noise Sound Proof Pipe System by Silenta 3A PP Pipe

The need for higher living standard have been the need for most people around the world. Those standard also applied for the plumbing system installed in the residential units, thus the invention for low noise and sound proof or often refered as Acoustic piping system have been developed for quite some time now. Noise from the plumbing system can be an annoyance to most people. The common factor for the piping noise is usually comes from the water hammer - where the water flow pressure collided with the pipe wall and create some vibration to the pipe line thus creating some noise. Most conventional piping system uses Steel material to overcome this problem to reduce the water pipe noise but as you may know, steel pipes are expensives and will corrode in the long run which means, it's not suitable for residential usage.

Silenta 3A PP Low Noise Acoustic pipe and fitting system have addressed those issues and through the innovation of Sound Insulating 3-Layered Sewer Pipe system made OF Silenta PP with the unique combination of Mineral Reinforced PP middle layer to provide sound proof pipe and increase the pipe rigidity without resorting to metal or steel usage. Silenta 3A pipe is specially formulated and reinforced for non-pressurized domestic drainage system in accordance with System Standard

Silenta 3A Low Noise Pipe System Characteristic :-

  • Silenta 3A PP pipe reaches a sound-intensity level of 16dB at 4lt/s flow rate by the officially recognized Fraunhofer Institute, Germany.
  • Silenta 3A PP Pipe and Fitting is suitable for hot and cold water piping system and can also be used for acidic liquid transfer.
  • Silenta 3A PP pipe can be used at above and underground drainage system, even at areas with high traffic loads.
  • Silenta 3A sound insulating pipe and fitting system consist from 40mm to 200mm with and without socket and fittings with various complementing accessories for a full functioning system.

Benefits Of Silenta 3A Sound-Proof System

  • Silenta 3A pipe provides excellent sound insulation, creates ideal conditions for buildings and contributes to an increases in the property value along with the quality of life.
  • Silenta 3A Sound proof system reduces the vibrations and unfamiliar sounds coming from the plumbing system.
  • Flame retardant according to DIN 4102 standard.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Silenta 3A system can be installed without any additional sound insulation system.
  • Coefficient of Thermal expansion is only 0.06mm/m°K
  • Operation and Installation temperature climb down to -20°C
  • Resistant to organic and inorganic acids.
  • Suitable for ph value between 2 & 12.
  • Cheaper and Better Alternative to cast iron for Low noise Piping System.

Silenta 3A Sound-Proof System Project References

Silenta 3A Low Noise PP Pipe have been used in some of the most prestigious and luxury hotel and commercial projects around the world, some of the projects done using Silenta 3A Pipe and Fitting including Florance Nightingale - Turkey, Medicana Turkey, RKA Poland, Dubai Mall - Dubai, Jabal Omar Hotel Turkey, Trump Tower - Turkey, Lara Park Hotel Cyprus, West 65 - Serbia.

This shown that Silenta 3A Pipe and Fitting have been an top choices for some of the top establishment in the world.




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