Bina Plastic BBB Hot and Cold PPR Fitting Socket

Bina Plastic BBB Hot and Cold PPR Fitting Socket

RM1.38 - RM60.11

PPR Fitting Equal Socket

Additional information

Material PP-R
Standard EN ISO 15874
Certification SIRIM & SPAN
Application Hot & Cold Water

BBB PP-R Pipes and Fittings are manufactured using high quality Polypropylene Random Co-Polymer resins. Its Physical and Chemical properties make it a versatile piping system in a wide range of application in various industries.

It have advantages over other type of PP type 1 or 2 and other thermoplastic Pipes in the potablle water industries due to it's high impact strength and high temperature resistance.

Mechanical and Thermal Properties : Polypropylene Random Co-Polymer (PP Type 3)

Advantages of BBB PPR Pipe and Fittings :

  • Life Duration - Over 50 Yearsin temperatures up to 90°C and operating pressure from 6 to 26 Bars.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Resistance - BBB PPR Pipes show resistance under very high pressure (More than 100 Bars)
  • Low Thermal Penetrability - BBB PPR has a very low thermal penetrability in hot and freezing water.
  • Chemical Resistance - BBB PPR Pipe and Fitting shows a very high resistance to most chemicals and can be used in chemical laboratories.
  • Mechanical Resistance - BBB PPR Pipe have a very good resistance in mechanical strength making it hard to break or crack.
  • Endurance in corrosion - BBB PPR Pipe and Fittings shows a very high resistance to corrosion even in corrosive environment, the materials remain at constant levels.
  • Low friction - The texture of the materials and the smooth internal surface ensures minimum friction therefore maintaining constant pressure and prevent clogging.
  • Certification and Approval - BBB PPR Pipe and Fittings are Certifite and Approved by SIRIM and SPAN.


Installation Method