Fuis HDPE Electrofusion Fitting Coupler

Fuis HDPE Electrofusion Fitting Coupler

RM7.36 - RM302.40

FUIS HDPE Electro-Fusion Fitting Equal Coupler


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Material PE
Type Electrofusion Coupler

Fuis HDPE Electro-Fusion Fitting Coupler

Formerly manufactured and known as DURA Fuse HDPE Fitting, Fuis is the newly branded fitting manufactured by Fuis Malaysia.


Fuis HDPE Electro-Fusion Dimension Table - Coupler

fuis dura hdpe electro fuse socket

** Larger sizes also available, please reach us here for inquiry. 


Fuis Heat fusion Polyethylene pipe and fitting produces a leak free jointing.

HDPE pipes have much superior corrosion and abrasion-resistant which makes HDPE pipes the first choice for many applications and industries in Malaysia and the world. The flexibility, ease of installation, and high flow rate coefficient of HDPE pipes and fitting also contributed to the popularity of this material in the plumbing and piping world.

Apart from those benefits and attributes, the main advantage of HDPE pipe, especially in heat fusion jointings such as Electrofusion and Buttfusion, is its homogenous jointing system which boasts leak-free jointing in the piping system. Heat fusing polyethylene pipe produces a leak-free joint that is as strong if not stronger than the pipe itself, ensuring the system is reliable to convey various liquids or gases safely.


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