HDPE Flap Gate Spirolite

HDPE Flap Gate Spirolite


HDPE Flap Gate Circular Type


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Additional information

Material HDPE
BRAND Spirolite

Spirolite HDPE Flap Gate come in the following Designs:

  • HDPE Flap Gate Wall Mounted (Square)
  • HDPE Flap Gate Wall Mounted (Round)
  • HDPE Flap gate with Spiral Pipe
  • Dimension available : 300mm (ID) to 3000mm (ID)

The Advantages of Spirolite HDPE Flap Gate:

  • High quality HDPE material and easy to install
  • High temperature and chemical resistance
  • UV Protection and corrosion proof
  • Ability to withstand high water pressure

Application of Spirolite HDPE Flap Gate:

  • Automatic Operating control by Hydro force
  • To prevent back flow from storm drain in main river flow into lower land area
  • Maintenance free & low head loss
  • Suitable use for water, waste water and pipeline application.
  • Effective tidal and flood control.

Dimension and Cross Cut For Spirolite HDPE Flap Gate:


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