Paling Akatherm dBLUE PPMD Noise Reduction Pipe with Socket End

Paling Akatherm dBLUE PPMD Noise Reduction Pipe with Socket End

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Paling Akatherm dBLUE PPMD Noise Reduction Pipe with Socket End


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Additional information

Model PALING Akatherm dBlue
Material PP-DM
Length 3 Metre

Paling Akatherm dBlue PP-DM Noise Reduction Pipe

The Akatherm dBlue pipe system is made from a state-of-the-art combination of plastic and sound absorbing mineral filler (PP-MD) to maximise absorbance of sound. The material formula is developed by the Aliaxis R&D laboratory and offers a unique combination of acoustic performance, weight, resistance and mechanical strength. The triple-layer pipe structure is produced using the latest co-extrusion technology. Each layer has its own function optimised to reduce sound levels, increase mechanical characteristics and improve the drainage flow.

Used in conjunction with the dBlue acoustic brackets, the system effectively uncouples the vibrations and greatly reduces noise and acoustic vibrations down to a level of 19 dB. This makes it ideal for residential housing, multi occupancy apartments as well as hospitals, hotels and other commercial buildings, where reduced noise levels are required.



Structure-Borne Noise Reduction Pipe & Fittings

Normal noise in the building will be effectively lowered by :-

  • Paling akatherm dBlue accoustic pipe bracket with rubber lining
  • Tight rubber ring connection between pipe and fittings

Air-Borne Noise Reduction

Air-Borne noise in the building will be effectively lowered by :-

  • Pipe and Fittins materials from PP-MD
  • Triple layer pipe

Acceptable Noise

Akatherm dBlue pipe and fitting effectively reduces noise levels compared to the acceptable level noise in everyday surrounding :-

  • Normal Habitable residential room at night-time : 25dB
  • Normal Hospital ward room at day-time : 30dB
  • Normal Non-Habitable residential room at day-time : 40dB
  • Paling Akatherm dBlue Pipe and Fittings : 19dB

Paling Akatherm dBlue Soundproof Pipe and Fitting characteristics

Tests and measurements of noise emitted by the Akatherm dBlue system were conducted according to the European standard EN 14366 ‘Laboratory measurement of noise from waste water installations’.

The Akatherm dBlue pipe fitting system is certified at a noise transmission level of 19 dB at a water flow of 4 l/s using dBlue acoustic brackets with rubber lining. The 19 dB is measured at the bottom floor in the room next to the downpipe where the soil & waste flow and resulting noise levels are highest, especially in multi-storey living apartments or high-rise buildings that have a combined soil & waste flow. All tests were carried out in the accredited institute for building physics Fraunhofer in Germany. Results are available in test report P-BA 74-3/2010e.

Advantages of Akatherm PP-MD Pipe and Fittings system :-

  • High Noise reduction without insulation - saving overall piping cost
  • High Resistance to waste water temperature up to 90°C - MAX is 95°C
  • High chemical resistance ranging from pH2 to pH12
  • Triple layer pipe is rigid, noise attenuated with a smooth bore that resists incrustation and blockages
  • Sustainable system with 100% recyclable Green material - ISO 14001 Certified
  • Installation possible at temperature below -10°C
  • Akatherm dBlue Accoustic brackets with rubber lining to reduce accoustic vibaration to minimum levels
  • Fast installation of rubber rings joints without additional tools
  • No vent stack required in multi-storey bulding using the Akavent Single stack system
  • Transitions to PVC, PP-HT and HDPE possible without any transition fitting (Socket/Reducer) required - saving overall piping costs
  • Rubber ring joint increases flexibility of the pipe system during ground movement or earthquake
  • Snap cap technology with tight rubber ring contaiment and installation angle indication




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