Paling UPVC Pipe Rainwater Piping System Series Heavy Duty

Paling UPVC Pipe Rainwater Piping System Series Heavy Duty

RM102.00 - RM1,283.00

UPVC Pipe Heavy Duty Rainwater Downpipe (BSEN 12200 / DIN 8061) - Recommended for Casting / Underground Columns


Additional information

Model Paling UPVC Pipe Rainwater Piping System
Length 5.8 m
Color White
Warranty No

Paling UPVC Pipe Rainwater Piping System Heavy Duty Pipe

Paling UPVC Rainwater Pipe System is Lead-Free Rainwater Pipe Systems are suitable for buildings, houses and civil construction purposes. Paling UPVC Pipe and Fitting Rainwater Piping System has been develop to meet the needs of construction industry for a reliable piping system for channeling Rainwater from the roof to the drains. The system is suitable for all applications and types of building, including domestic, commercial and industrial.

As the scope of BS EN 12200 UPVC Rainwater Goods & Accessories covers rainwater UPVC pipes in nominal sizes from 82mm to 110mm only, additional sizes and classes of rainwater pipes have been incorporated in the Paling Rainwater Piping System to meet different requirements of BS EN 1329-1, MS 1063, and DIN 8061.

The Normal Duty Pipe is intended for exposed installation on the building that do not exceed five storeys in height, such as terrace houses or low-rise shop-houses. The Medium Duty is intended for exposed installation on building exceeding five storeys while the Heavy Duty is designed with higher ring stiffness for use in pipework to be encased in reinforced concrete (RC) columns.

Paling UPVC Pipe Rainwater Piping system Application

  • Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) Pipes for Rainwater Discharged (Low and High Temperature) within the Building Structure
  • Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) Rainwater Pipes for above ground application
  • Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) Heavy Duty Rainwater Pipes for casting and underground application
  • Paling EcoTech Pipes, made from reprocessed material, is lead free and earns high on Green Building Index

Paling UPVC Pipe Rainwater Piping system Features and Advantages

  • The UPVC Pipe for Rainwater Piping System dimensions and performances meet the requirement of standards.
  • The high quality finish of the UPVC Pipe with smooth internal and external surface.
  • Provides low coefficient of flow friction
  • The Paling UPVC Rainwater pipe is formulated to withstand weathering effect
  • Paling UPVC Pipe Rainwater system are available in several stiffness class to accommodate various installations needs
  • Paling UPVC Pipe have the high chemical resistance
  • UPVC Pipe are known for its Non-Conductivity, Great weather resistance, No rot, rust or corrosion for UPVC Pipe
  • Paling UPVC Pipe are cost effective for the users as it is tough and durable yet required low maintenance

Paling UPVC Pipe Rainwater Piping System Dimension Details and Specification


For more information and detailed specification, Please kindly refer to the Product's Catalogue PDF