Reliability, Efficiency and Flexibility

Pipelines conveying energy and water are teh world's lifelines. Just like the veins in the human body, they guarantee that warmth, fuels and lifebringing of human life. For mote than 70 years now, ROTHENBERGER has been supporting all those whose daily work helps not to ensure that these lifelines reach more and more people, but also to maintain them in an excellent condition: by supplying innovative and reliable highest quality pipetools and machinery that can be found in the hands of exellent skilled craftsmen and contruction sites all around the globe.


Field connection welding machine

1. ROTHENBERGER Semi-auto butt welding machine - R160F/R250F/R315F/R355F

 Applications and Features :

  • Rothenberger patent for hydraulic station, safe, reliable and more powerful.
  • Rothenberger desingn pantent for frame, ergonomic, robust and reliable.
  • Powerpac power control unit provides safety and stability.
  • Precise temperatue control and small deviation on teh hesting plate surface to apply high welding standard.
  • Precise, reliable and powerful planing tools to ensure high welding quality.
  • Single inserts as the option to ensure higher connection alignment.


2. ROTHENBERGER Intelligent CNC automatic butt fusion welding machine - R160C/R250C/R315C/R355C


Application and Features:

  • Pre-installed welding standard such as CTSG, ISO, DVS, GIS, etc.
  • Real-time data printing, recording function and USB port available.
  • Standard with single inserts to improve the accuracy of pipiline alignment.
  • BDS/GPS Positioning and remote data transmission function available.
  • Part of SMART GAS. CLOUD WELDING system, easy extension.