Weida Polystor Round Tapered Tank Series

Weida Polystor Round Tapered Tank Series

RM195.00 - RM1,050.00

 Round Tapered Polyethylene Water Tank


Additional information

Material Polyethylene
Warranty 10 Years Indoor / 8 Years Outdoor
*Term & Conditions Applied
Quality Standards MS 1225 Part 1 : 2007 & Part 2 : 2006
ASTM D1998-91

• Strong and durable – seamless and leak-proof one piece construction
• Lightweight for easy handling and installation
• Hygienic and Food/Potable water compliant
• Meets standards of US Food and Drug Administration, SISIR and SIRIM
• Maintenance free - no painting required and corrosion free
• Chemical resistant
• UV resistant
• Extensive range available
• Modular installation system to meet high capacity requirements
• Complete range of accessories available
• High standards and reliability SISIR
• Approved by SIRIM to Malaysian standards MS1225:1991
• Product Approval Certification from SPAN(Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara)
• Comprehensive technical support.
• Quality assurance and warranty